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Here is the official track for Hurricane Iselle which will be a Tropical Storm by the time it reaches the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands and will actually remain south of land. But you wouldn’t know that by watching and reading what the media is offering, information-wise. I hope some day sensationalism and related ratings will not be associated and somehow we will consume accurate information about most everything. There will not be a devastating one-two punch on the islands. Hurricane Julio is the one to watch and even it now looks to be TS strength by the time it reaches the islands and will likely move north of them.

The official scoop: CPHC expects the outer winds of Iselle may reach the easternmost Hawaiian Islands early Thursday afternoon. Heavy rains may bring flash floods and mudslides as Iselle approaches. CPHC noted that large and dangerous swells from Iselle are expected to reach the main Hawaiian Islands today, while winds of tropical storm strength are possible on the Big Island Thursday, August 7. 

Props to Rob Hedrick