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4-6-06 Targets

Since I won't be chasing today, I will post what would be my target if I were chasing. Keep in mind I really like the area outlined in the high risk but my target loacation is not there due to the fact that if I were chasing today I would be unable to make it that far due to other obligations.

Today is not a chase day - today is an intercept day... at least south of Topeka down to the OK/TX border.
This said, if I were to set up for intercept of a storm today, I would do so between Parsons and Emporia, KS. This is a pretty large area but with the way I see things unfolding, a sup will fire and give enough time from initiation for chasers to move to a spot for intercept.
Once the storm blows past, forget about it.

Chaseable (not intercept) areas today will be associated with the massive low in KS and in N. TX.
BTW, Storm speeds in N. TX are down to around 25-30. Paris, TX looks like a great place to be later this afternoon.
I'll refine as new info comes out.


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