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4-6-06 Streaming Information

For some reason, the WX-CHASE list has become a hotspot for weather discussion over the past three days. I find it to be a refreshing change considering the current state of our chasing-related forum selection of late.
One of the posts that was just made by Glenn Briggs to WX-CHASE had to do with streaming links for todays event. Here is the list:
http://www.am580wibw.com/ <-- Topeka Kansas
http://www.theomahachannel.com/ <-- ***MAY STREAM**
http://www.thekansascitychannel.com/ <---- ***MAY STREAM***
http://kjhk.KU.edu/ <-- may or may not have any weather coverage Lawrence
http://www.1350kman.com/ <-- manhattan
http://710kcmo.com/ <-- kc
http://www.1510.com/ <-- kc
http://www.kxcv.org/ <-- Maryville, mo
http://www.kttn.com/ <-- Trenton/north central mo
http://www.kibz.com/ <-- southeastern NE
http://www.kmakkbz.com/ <-- southwestern IA
http://www.kfab.com/ <-- Omaha
http://www.kkar.com/ <-- Omaha

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