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4-1-06 Thoughts

Tomorrow is looking to be a fine opportunity to for me to point my lens at the same storm 300 other chasers will point their lenses at.
As things sit right now, one or two supercells should be the big show tomorrow until a line develops a couple hours after initiation. The fact that storms should be scarce, but very strong and with a decent tornado threat, is why I say there will be 300 other chasers there too... So, back up and erase that dumbass comment you were about to post.

It appears there will be representation from several major rogue chaser gangs (as described here). Those damned "Tulsa Chasers" will be representin' as well as "The West Texas Banditos"and "The North Texas Largemouths". This is kinda funny but oh so true too.
I like the idea of storm chaser gangs. I see lots of opportunity there for strong-arming video buyers and those who think certain words or series of words related to storm chasing belong to them...

More later regarding the forecast.

4-1-06 Chase

3-30-06 Current