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Upgraded Chase Tool

Had an opportunity to install my new Sierra Wireless AirCard 775 today and am quite impressed. It replaces my old, slow, Sierra card.
I use the T-mobile system and have not been too disappointed. Yeah, I don't have as good of coverage as those with the Cingular card and service but it serves my needs for analysis on the road. Once off the beaten path, WxWorx takes over for radar and everyone is happy.

Doing the math, I have experienced about five-times the download speed of my previous card with 197kbps being the highest speed here at my home in midtown Tulsa.
I was on the road today visiting one of my branch offices along I-40, south of Tulsa and had speeds of 158kbps with three bars out of five. Not bad.
I will be testing upload speeds tonight if I can find time.

On a different note, one of my good friends, Nick Grillo, expressed his concern today publicly that he was confused by how I have chased so long, yet do not have a slew of tornadoes pasted all over my website for anyone to browse and ultimately steal. An explanation for why I do what I do is embedded in my bio which can be found here.
Thanks, Nick for your concern.

What month is this again?