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Storm Chaser Convention...

Well, it appears everyone had a great time at the storm chaser convention last weekend in Denver. I find it odd that in 2005 when I was there, it didn't seem like as many of the household storm chaser names were there.

I look at pictures from this year and see a lot of familiar faces from the plains though and I always enjoy matching names with faces be it in person or in pictures of those I have not yet met.
My favorite though are the chasers who don't really show themselves all that often.
I'm sitting here looking at some pictures right now thinking - he looks like that? I guess when, for the most part, chasers are hidden behind their keyboards, it is hard to really gauge what they look like. Needless to say, I get a kick out of the whole cyber community of chasers so conventions and their resulting pictures are always a hoot for me.
I invite you to scan my "Steve's Pics" blog regularly for updates so there is never any question about who I am - that way when you see me out and about you don't get me mixed up with someone else, then start talking trash about me on accident. hint. hint.

Back on track: I had prior obligations last weekend for the Denver meeting and was unable to make it so I will be attending TESSA this year instead. I have never been before and thought it might be fun. Bob Hall and Hans Schroeder will be joining me there.
Anyone else going?

Interesting note: I have noticed all of the attendees who have posted pics, reviews and whatnot have thanked Roger and Tim for their hard work and great job in organizing the conference but what about David Drummond? How about some props for Drummond folks.

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