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Soprano's & Tulsa Chasers - Linked?

The time is nearing. 8 days from now I will be preparing for the return of the Soprano's!
I do not watch a lot of TV. Between the lack of time due to work and lack of decent programming, period, I usually find something better to do. Kinda sad considering I have 240 channels streaming into my home. Oh well.
The Soprano's though have had me tuned in for every new episode since they started episode 1, season 1. There is a certain genius in the writing, characters and overall feel of the show that is one-of-a-kind. I hate to see it go as this is the last season it will air but wow, what a run!
I ordered the HBO HD package today in preparation for the new season and see that out of seven HBO channels, there is still not a movie on worth watching right now. $12.97 per month plus taxes to watch Titanic - - again. Once was enough.
Anyway, it appears this will be a great season with lots of surprises. I look forward to it.


We know who will win the Home Run Derby!