I'm a private weather industry marketing executive specializing in the strategic approach to SaaS in established and emerging markets. 

Social Weather Supremacy

Over the past year or so there has been a lot of chatter by meteorologists about the “enthusiasts” role as a weather source on social media. Enthusiasts are commonly criticized for posting flashy maps, poor interpretations of data, as well as unfounded forecasts. Meteorologists say enthusiasts muddy the waters and generally cause problems.

As a businessman, I see the same ridiculousness spewed daily from “thought leaders”, only the topic is of a business nature. Just like in the weather space, idiocy is rampant in the form of advice, incorrect data, or simply showboating for attention. Sound familiar? These accounts are easily identified and even easier to ignore, or at least take with a grain of salt.

I say there are much more pressing things to be concerned with regarding the public and their consumption of weather information.┬áIn short time, they will find their way to accurate weather information. If they choose to follow a poor source on social media, they’ll figure out pretty quick on their own when forecasts do not pan out. Let them.

3/11/06 Current

3/11/06 Current