I'm a private weather industry marketing executive specializing in the strategic approach to SaaS in established and emerging markets. 

Since we’re on the subject of weather enthusiasts vs. meteorologists, I’d like point out my friend Danny Neal’s very popular facebook page. Danny is not a meteorologist and says so right on this page. He’s followed by 111,000 people because he produces interesting content that people want to consume. No hype, just information in an understandable format. I wonder if he’ll qualify for the weather source seal of approval? Doubt it.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I want to talk about branding.

See, Danny is smart. He’s making himself into a brand; something most people cannot relate to or successfully pull off. I see people constantly produce high-end content but are rarely recognized for it. This is appropriate if one is being paid to do so but since the subject at hand is the weather space, I’ll venture to guess very few are.

So, unless you’re being paid for your content, stop posting it for the benefit and acclaim of other sources! Become a thought leader and gain the recognition you deserve among your peers, regardless the industry.

3/11/06 Current