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Should Sutton Retire?

I have chosen to remain quiet about the whole Eddie Sutton debacle until more information surfaced. Accuracy is key in a high profile act of idiocy and now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, I will write my thoughts.
First, let me tell you I am a huge fan of Oklahoma State University basketball. I am an Alumnus of the university, I sit on the Board of Directors for the Alumni Association and the largest contribution my wife and I make each year goes to the OSU School of Medicine, College of Business and OSU sports - in that order. I feel like I need to say all of this to justify what I am about to write…
I am apparently the only person in the state of Oklahoma who is disappointed in Eddie Sutton and his inability to restrain himself and his addiction. Eddie was nearing the end of his career with many, many records broken. He was building a new, young team and approaching 800 lifetime wins. He drew, and still draws at this time, an insane salary and then an equal amount in endorsement deals. He beat the bottle after he was ousted from Kentucky, realizing he had a lot to loose. What wonderful accomplishments!  Isn’t it sad that Eddie is now just another alcoholic? Isn’t it sad that he will have multiple lawsuits related to this incident and on top of that, he was in a university owned vehicle so there is do doubt this will affect OSU in the form of a healthy lawsuit as well.
The only thing that truly bothers me about this though is that Eddie did not respectfully announce his retirement during his comments last night via speakerphone at the university hosted press conference (his comments can be found below). A new head coach has been in place for over a year now and it would not have put the basketball program in a situation if a retirement announcement were made. So now the university will continue paying him his salary and he will sit back in his large leather recliner in front of a plasma-screen TV at the Betty Ford clinic and watch March hoops with no pressure at all.
Eddie Sutton is a very wealthy man. He does not need a job to survive anymore. Why not just walk away with what reputation he has and call it a good life?

Eddie was a fixture at OSU and has had many great years. I have always considered him a celebrity. He took OSU basketball to a new level and stayed there despite numerous outrageous offers by other universities. For all of this I am thankful. I am still disappointed though and that will not change. It is time for OSU to move on and start a new Sutton tradition of great basketball with Sean at the helm.

Head Coach Eddie Sutton comments
"Let me begin by expressing to each of you how much I appreciate the support I have received from so many people around the country. I especially am grateful to my family and for their support, especially my wife Patsy. And, I also want to thank the OSU family for its support.
"This is a very difficult period. As many of you know, I love Oklahoma State University and I want to do what is best not only for OSU but also what is best for me and my family. I know what has happened since Friday has caused a great deal of sorrow. I regret what has happened more than anyone will ever know.
"I sincerely apologize to my family, to my university, to my players ... past and present. I also apologize to Teresa Bernard - I am grateful no one was seriously injured in the accident.
"For the past two years, I have experienced a number of health challenges. My back and hip situation is well documented. The pain at times literally has been unbearable.
"That said, I make no excuses for has happened. I have a problem with alcohol. I recognize it and I will be seeking treatment for it; and I know I have let many people down. I seek your help and I trust, as I address my health challenges and my problem, I will once again be worthy of earning your trust and respect. "The overwhelming words of encouragement I have received from people and the unconditional love of my family has sustained me, and, I am certain, will continue to do so in the difficult days ahead.
"I love Oklahoma State basketball. And even though this has been a tough year for our coaches, team and fans, I know our team is in great hands with Sean, James, Jimmy and Kyle. I am proud of Sean, as I am my entire family - and I know he will do a great job.
"To my players, I love you and I expect you to play hard because you are representing the finest university with finest fans anywhere on the face of this earth.
"I will now move forward to address my health concerns. But, let there be no doubt that I will be pulling with all my might for the Cowboys and I hope each of you will be pulling for me.
"God bless and thank you."