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Reflection on a Weekend of Chasing

This past weekend was jam-packed with weather. With an original overall weekend target of TESSA, Bob and I set out to OKC on Friday to pick up Hans Schroeder then head south to Dallas.
Along the way we stopped around Ardmore for lightning and all three of us walked away from that with great pictures and a renewed interest in lightning photography.
We arrived in Dallas and, after forecasting for a couple of hours, determined TESSA would be a no-go due to a svr threat in N. TX for Saturday.
Steve Miller TX provided our wake-up call at 10:30am and advised that the forecast still looked favorable so we got around, drove to McKinney to meet up, then collectively decided driving back up to the Ardmore area in OK would be our best bet for some dryline play.
Saturday didn't pan out but we did get some good seat-time in and enjoyed sharing many, many, many, many, many stories with my "same name with the same fame" brethern, Steve.
We jetted back home Sat night which was a very good choice since Sunday brought with it a high risk, PDS tornado watch and over 100 tornadoes and if I had gone and chased without spending a little time with my wife, I would be on the porch in the cold right now and not typing this entry. In her good graces, Bob, Kelly, Hans and I departed Tulsa for Bartlesville. We tried to chase one storm that raced NNE at 50MPH or so, decided to let it go, drove south and set-up for a blast of energy that was expected a little later.
We chased the result of that energy until it left us in it's dust (or should I say debris?) as it tracked across E. OK and dropped at least three tornadoes in this state.

All in all it was a great weekend although I don't have a lot to show for it video and photo-wise.
I often ask myself why I throw money, time and effort in to this seemingly fruitless activity...
Then I think about the past tornadoes, lightning and hail; the interesting places I have seen, the people I have met (even the dickheads) and the stories I will no doubt share for the rest of my life. This is why I continue the insanity that is chasing.

I share with you below, several pictures of some of the people I enjoy chasing with. If your picture does not appear below, it does not mean I don't like you or that I am elitest or that these are all members of a private club - just that you weren't there to be in the shot with them:

Hans Schroeder, Steve Bluford, Brad (I can't ever remember this guy's last name...)

David Gaede, Bob Hall, Charles Allison

Bob Hall, Charles Allison, Steve Bluford

Chaser convergence north of Tulsa on Hwy 20. This one got a little out of hand but was fun...

The chase Jeep packed up and ready to go.
Kelly Baker looks over data on Sunday as we sit and wait on the dryline to mix east.

Kelly Baker, Chuck Allison, Hans Schroeder @ Hwy 75& Hwy 20 Intersection 3/12

Hans Schroeder, Bob Hall, Steve Miller TX - Sherman, TX 3/11

Steve Miller and Steve Miller finishing up a "turf wars" meeting where the "Those Damned Tulsa Chasers" came head to head with the "North Texas Large Mouths".
Peaceful resolutions were made although some details still need to be worked out (such as how to form a gang sign-looking gesture that looks like the symbol for a thunderstorm).

It's a good thing Hans is married.
He was a little light in the loafers while making a mean bed Friday night in Dallas.

It is amazing how much stuff Bob and I pack for a chase.
Everything here is chase related except for the gray suitcase. Well, and the shoes...