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OHP Trooper Arrested For DUI After On-Duty Crash


This droopy-eyed goofball is the latest embarrassment to law enforcement in our state. While on duty he apparently went and pounded some beers, then wrecked a state issued patrol SUV as well as the patrol boat and trailer he was pulling at the time of his single car accident. Here’s the story:

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirms one of its troopers has been arrested and booked on a complaint of driving under the influence.

Captain George Brown says Joshua Davies was arrested Thursday in Sequoyah County. Brown says Davies was on duty and was arrested after he was involved in an accident.

Davies was involved in a single-vehicle collision in an OHP vehicle while towing a patrol vessel, Brown said. It happened on Applegate Cove Road south of Sallisaw. That’s just west of Highway 59.

Brown says the incident is being handled just like any other DUI arrest. Davies was arrested by other troopers who administered a breathalyzer test.

Davies, 33, registered over the legal limit, authorities say. He was booked into jail at the Sallisaw Police Department then released by a judge for a mental evaluation, an arrest report states.

"It is an emotionally draining situation when an officer finds himself in a position that he must arrest one of his own," said Chief of Patrol Colonel Ricky Adams in a news release.

"This individual was immediately arrested by state troopers on the scene and charged with DUI in compliance with state statute. This type of behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstance," Adams said.

Davies, a Cameron resident, is on routine administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation, according to Brown.

He has been with OHP for eight years.

I am not anti-police. In fact, I have never had a poor experience with an officer. I have law enforcement friends and they are generally very solid guys with a true intent to serve and protect. But I worry.

Lately there have been numerous instances regarding police brutality, officers in compromising sexual situations, homicide, etc. These instances continuously result in the complaint(s) being dropped on account of technicality or a higher power being involved. Whether we like it or not, cops are truly above the law and they know it.

Back to the story at hand, the judge who initially presented charges released Davies for mental evaluation. The OHP says he will be on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Now, I’ve never had a DUI but I do know for a fact that those I know who have, were not seen by a judge quickly and then released so they could seek mental evaluation. In addition, internal investigations are just that… They are internal and they stay that way so when this guy is back in his new patrol car and boat in a few weeks, we’ll never know the true reason he got off.

Respect does not get issued with a badge. It is earned. 



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