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New Focus...

Skiatook Lake (north of Tulsa)

Another week behind me... Hints of the spring season green flag are beginning to show themselves on the GFS (again). This time things look a little more like they should for next week's event. Without a blast of Arctic air between now and then, moisture shouldn't be an issue. I am disappointed in the GFS's handling of Saturday's potential but hey, long-range models are what they are.

With temps over the next week climbing into the mid sixties each day for highs, I am in the boating mood. This weekend will be a marina scouting weekend for Andie and I. We need a place to dock our boat for summer 2006.
$-wise, I like Keystone (west of Tulsa) but the water is not very clean and I imagine each time I take it out I'll be spending more time in the water wiping it down than enjoying myself. Algae will no doubt own the underside of my boat within weeks in that water.
Skiatook is the lake I prefer but for the part of the lake I want to be on and the size of slip I need, it is just too expensive. I hope to strike a deal with the marina people there. We'll see. I would rather SAVE slip fees and BUY lake beer! Plus marina gas is $3.10/gal right now so they would end up making plenty off of me this summer.
Skiatook is a great lake. If anyone is around this area in the summer, you should check it out.