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Medium-Range Forecast

Everyone has high hopes for a system that will affect weather in Central Oklahoma by next Friday. Some are calling this the start of the season, some are poo pooing the whole thing.
I believe there will be some potential toward the end of next week - potential for storms that will move at 50MPH minimum. Woohoo! Count me out. Going by the GFS history over the past 6 weeks, I will bet arrival will be set back to Sat. I also believe the play will be dryline related, not warm front related. I say "count me out" but I imagine I will not be able to resist.
For those of you who are thinking spring is here early and storms will be all over the place in a matter of a couple of weeks, I think you have lost your minds.
While the majority of the upcoming week will host above normal temps - up to 82 in my area on Wed. - the weekend will bring a small transition with the storm possibility I mentioned above. Next comes another shot of very cold air. March 11th will be quite cold, as will the three days following. Chuck, it ain't gonna storm that weekend; you might as well go to TESSA with us.

On another note, Don Knotts died Friday. Good, wholesome, funny, innocent, educational, moral, television died with him.

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