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iTunes - iPod Conspiracy

I admit it, I am an iPod owner and am hooked on the little white thing.
I am continually amazed when I start iTunes because one out of about eight times, I have to load an update for the iTunes program and/or there is a firmware update for my iPod.
I have gone out and found 7 updates to iTunes since I installed it last April and 4 firmware updates for the iPod itself.
If this were a Microsoft program or any other mainstream line of software, users would have the heads of developers. There would be forum after forum, listserv after listserv, overflowing with complaints and advice to "never buy this software/hardware".
Instead, forums related to the updates parise them and encourage more! more!! more!!!
I attribute this to the demographic by which the iPod and its related products are consumed. Youth and young adults, as well as the in-crowd older folks are iPod fans. Before you challenge my demographic statement, do a little research.

Reasons for lack of complaints could be:
--Perhaps this group of people are less likely to bitch and moan about annoying updates?
--Maybe they simply ignore the pop-up "update" window?
--Maybe they don't have an outlet to bitch and moan through?
--Maybe they are just really happy that something changed and look forward to finding the Easter Egg that IS the update they just installed?

I wish Apple would list the changes that will be made or, after install, were made. Sometimes when I update the firmward on the pod, I end up with a new game or the clock looks different or something. It never works better or sounds better.
Same for iTunes. The only updates I get there is to the store. I spent five-minutes of my life downloading and installing the latest version of iTunes a while ago so Apple could install their latest gimmick where they monitor my music and choose music to suggest I buy.

I suppose I am just cranky about the constant updates and lack of useable new features. Oh well.

On another iPod note, I am convinced Robert Lorton (owner of the Tulsa World, the biggest liberal piece of crap newspaper this side of the Mississippi) is in bed with Apple. EVERY Sunday for the past year there has been a reference to or full-on story regarding the iPod on the technology page. Note I said "page", not pages. There are plenty of tech things to write about, why keep writing about the iPod? Kickbacks? Doubt it but it sure is getting old.
I suppose that's what the public wants so that is what the public gets.

I am going to Amazon.com to see if I can find a good deal on the 60gb iPod now.

What month is this again?

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