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How Facebook is falling short as a weather communication tool

Link: How Facebook is falling short as a weather communication tool

As I read articles like this I sit and think to myself that if the people so concerned about their weather message getting across to their followers would instead concentrate on the more glaring public communication problems first, we could fix many of them.

Of much greater concern is that the NWS is striving to increase warning times yet media is, in some cases, counteracting these efforts by ignoring the agency and attempting to create/issue their own products.

In addition, common colors for types of weather watches and warnings are not at all created equal. 15 years ago yellow meant severe, red meant tornado, blue meant flood, and so on… Now we have 256 color contoured bullshit and again, some TV guys taking creative control over the message the public sees. 

So while social media is a problem for timely messaging, the message itself is where the problem starts. And if you’re a serial social media life saver and you’re concerned about your timely posts being retransmitted well after the fact by complete idiots, well, go erase the posts that could pose a problem. It only takes a minute.

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