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3/8/06 Forecast

Looks like KS City is under the gun today for some pretty nasty weather.
My focus is further south into NC/NE OK and SC/SE KS. I'll be working in Enid, OK again today and with storms expected to fire just east of I-35, I shouldn't have too much trouble getting to them. I'm not advertising this to be the best spot by any means, just the best for me for today.

Some consideration should be given to the SC/SE Oklahoma area as there appears to be some pretty serious potential there. I'm voting for more SE than SC at this time.

I fully expect a moderate to be issued by SPC at 1630 due to what appears to be coming together, model-wise, as I write. I look forward to seeing what today brings. Could Tulsa even be under the gun? We'll see. More later.

3/8/06 Observation

3/7/06 Bust - Sort-of