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3/7/06 Bust - Sort-of

Today was a gimme day as I had an obligation to be in Enid for work and it just so happened that Enid was a hot forecast spot. Funny how those things happen... heh
I walked out of my house this morning fully packed for the stay-over in Enid and for the possible chase but somehow managed to forget that nice pretty new camera I recently purchased.
So, I ended up shooting with my Kodak 6.1mp that is WORN OUT. The picture count on this silly camera is at 11,633.
Out of the 39 shots I managed to take today, this one of my video camera was one of my favorites.
This is Matt Patterson. With little hope, we headed west this evening on 412 out of Enid and set-up on a dirt road for some stock video and to shoot the bull for a little while.
One of the nice things about chasing on a nice day (temp-wise) is that standing around doing nothing isn't annoying like it is later in the season when 90-degree temps and extreme humidity have set in.

There was no awesome weather in Enid to speak of but we did get a nice storm through here (Enid) after dark which provided for a little footage to sell. I'll start from Enid tomorrow for storms in SC/SE KS.

3/8/06 Forecast

3/7/06 Observation