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3/12/06 Pictures

Chased with Bob Hall, Kelly Baker & Hans Schroeder today in KS & OK. Bob is seen here performing the most basic, yet most important function on chase-day - - applying Rain-X to the windshield. Rain-X and Gas-N-Go, please contact me for mailing information for residual advertising fees due to this pic... heh

Hans assists the storm development in SE KS earlier today.

Us Tulsa chasers being jerks again as we converge on HWY 75 north of Tulsa.
Actually, by the time we departed that area, 7 chase vehicles and 12 chasers were standing-by awaiting activity along the dryline.

Wide shot of the first supercell of the day. We decided to not chase this one since it was trucking at around 55MPH. We headed back to Oklahoma and set up shop at the HWY 20 & HWY 75 intersection to wait for development further down the dryline later in the day.

Very cool picture of a cell that blew up and fell apart just as quick near Skiatook, OK.
Later on we decided to chase "tail-end Charlie" which became the supercell that ripped up much of NE OK / NW ARK and is moving in to the Branson area as I write. I hope it settles down soon.
Another very busy work-week begins tomorrow and the week after I will be unable to chase due to being out of town. The marathon chase that was Friday, Saturday and Sunday will surly hold me over until I am able to get out again.

3/12/06 Forecast