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3/12/06 Forecast

Wow - what else can I say about today's set-up?
Many optimum variables are in place or quickly moving in to place as I write to make for an end result of one helluva rough day for anyone Ill to NE/NC TX. Sometimes when I forcast I get worried for the safety of others - this is one of those times.
I will be chasing in SE KS today and feel there is a very good chance for my video and still camera to filled with sights and sounds of a tornado or two by days end. Time will tell.

I'm simply amazed by the fact that we already have 3000 CAPE and LI's of -7 at 10:30 in the morning. The dryline is much further west than SPC is giving it credit for and is now showing a little movement. I expect SPC to go a little further west with their mod risk area come 1630.

Time for me to go pack my gear. More later!

3/12/06 Pictures