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3/10/06 Trip to Dallas

Bob gives me the stank-eye from the backseat of Hans' Expedition.
Hans flosses his teeth while driving. this is really quite scary - and odd...

Bob and I left Tulsa at 4:00pm today, went through OKC to pick up Hans and we all three jetted south toward Dallas. Normally this trip would take four-hours total from Tulsa but tonight it took eight! Granted, there was the dinner stop in the butthole of Oklahoma, Ardmore, and a lightning stop about 10-miles south of Ardmore which resulted in a few good pics of lightning, one of which is seen above. I did not bring the new Rebel so the lightning shot was with my ol' trusty, rusty Kodak point and shoot 6.1mp digital.
Then came the construction. Folks, I-35 southbound from 15 miles south of Ardmore to the OK/TX border is STILL screwed up. We sat in traffic for at least and hour-and-a-half trying to get through construction.
So, here we are at the AmeriSuites in Grapevine trying to get caught up on some forecasting for 3/11. I'm thinking TESSA is looking like a bust and chasing will be the mode for tomorrow.

Additional pictures of tonight's activities can be found on Hans' blog

3/11/06 Current

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