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Wintry Weather and Spotter Training

The models and local NWS office forecasts are beginning to indicate quite a change by next weekend.  Wintry weather could impact the area on Saturday in to Sunday.  
Being that this is six days out, I have confidence in the time period but the mode is still up in the air from my point of view.  I would welcome the wintry weather everyone is talking about though.  

In other news…
The Tulsa SKYWARN training session was yesterday.  A good turnout again this year and another great agenda was presented.  This meeting has always been a motivator for me to get my act together and get ready for the season that is quickly approaching.
The general consensus at the NWS in Tulsa is that this will most likely be a slow severe weather season in the NE Oklahoma area.  Time will tell.
Also, I will be posting some video in the coming days that some of you might find interesting.  At the spotter training yesterday, local media Chief Meteorologists did a somewhat candid question/answer session.  I taped this and will have it up and linked from here in my blog in the coming days.  
I think something interesting is the fairly consistent bashing of television consultants.  You WILL be entertained if you are at all involved in chasing for the media or at least supplying some video every now and then.

Time to get back to watching the Winter Olympics.  Not sure what it is about the winter games but I love them!