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Since each street bicyclist is equally inconsiderate, I wonder if there is a consortium that not only regulates their actions and level of inconsideration, but also the clothes they wear while performing their duties as such?

I mean really, how necessary is it exactly, to wear a knee-length / long sleeve onesie spandex? Why not booty huggers or yoga pants so at least when they get off the bike, they don’t still look like an asshole bicyclist. But they would because they’d still insist on wearing that rayon shirt with the lizard scales outline covered by a number they wore in their last hip-ass “color ride challenge” or “mud race”. Oooo, trendy.

And finally, fanny packs. Are fanny packs where people store what tiny smidgen of self respect they have remaining? Does it still need to be fastened to their body with that thick nylon strap thing? Why not connect that bad boy to the bike somewhere so you don’t look like a rod?

Dear street bicyclists, I wouldn’t notice this stuff if I didn’t have to DRIVE MY CAR behind you for miles because you will not yield to faster moving traffic. I suspect you are the people who also drive slow in the fast lane when in your car.

Reports from 2/3/06