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Rain is coming. Lots of rain. 

The potential is there for everyone in Oklahoma to see at least half an inch while some will see upwards of 4 inches of rain. This is exciting for many but too much rain too quickly during drought conditions can spell trouble.

For my lake friends who have enjoyed fairly clear water for 2-3 summers now will be disappointed to see their lake turn muddy for much of the summer thanks to this storm system. If the model above ends up verifying, Lake Eufaula will get the brunt of the water thanks to the Canadian River which will carry red clay-tainted water into the lake. Keystone is right on the edge of the brown water potential. The Cimarron is a nasty-ass river when the rains come and can potentially ruin Keystone for a full summer.

Obviously there are a lot more lakes that can be affected, these two are the first in the line though and most important to me. There’s no doubt many should be hoping this weekend’s rain is spread out, timing-wise and not as torrential as the models suggest.

Weekend Forecast