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Pinnacle Studio Sucks - STILL!

Mike Gauldin, Joseph T. & Justin Teague sit around the laptop and edit video.

Justin & Joseph

Today, Justin Teague, Joseph T., Mike Gauldin and myself spent some quality time editing video. The subject: August 17, 2005.

The NWS / OKARK SKYWARN advanced spotter training is February 11th and each year several of us show some video and swap stories during a two-hour chase video session during the afternoon portion of the training.

The reason 8/17 was chosen is because it was a very successful day for amazing and educational video and was also the only day this year we chased with almost zero on-the-road data. There were no tornadoes.
With three cameras on and recording most of the chase (due to the fact that we weren't hustling data the whole time we were out) video documentation of the forecasting, driving, intercepting, fooling around, etc was very, very good. The only problem is the limited amount of time we have to fill. Justin picked a song that is perfect for the chase and it is 4:17 I think.

My dismay regarding Pinnacle Studio 10 is again rearing its ugly head. I have installed, reinstalled, patched and read just about every forum regarding issues with the program that I can find and still, this program sucks balls. Editing to music is not rocket science but it is very exacting. Today, Justin had his marks perfect with a couple minutes worth of video doing exactly what he wanted it to do. He did a hard save (as opposed to the program crash save Pinnacle does in the background) and when he went back to edit, all of his marks were off. How a program can do this based on a save is impossible for me to understand. After he got the marks back where they needed to be, Pinnacle threw up on itself again and created 10 seconds of blank screen over the first 10 seconds of video. Geez...
I dug around again on the net for any info regarding additional patches for Studio 10 and sure enough, 10.2 Beta was out and two fixes listed were the editing issue with save and the blank screen issue. It is installed and back to the drawing board we will go tomorrow.

Hopefully I will have an opportunity to post the finished version tomorrow evening.

Finally, Rain!

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