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Picture Time...

After two botched tries by UPS to deliver my camera, finally I came home today to find the B&H brown box containing my new Canon Digital Rebel XT. An act of congress and my pet-sitter being at my home at the same time of the delivery was the only way I got it today. Seems the method of shipping REQUIRED a signature by a resident of the home to which it is delivered. Do you think I am common-law married to the pet sitter since she signed as my wife? Hummm.

I have not had much time to experiment with it yet but during a little playing around, "Caruso" the cat became the subject of a few shots. Since I missed out on the storm chaser cat photography craze prior to Christmas, I figured I would show off mine now.

The second photo is a shot of my office. The subject of blog past entries, the Toshiba laptop, is on the left side of the desk and my video editing machine is on the right. I like seeing other chasers' home set-ups so I thought I would share a little glimpse of mine.

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