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Forecast for 1/28/06 part IV

Just made it back to the computer for a look at 12z NAM and the latest RUC and am disappointed to see just how far off-track the NAM ended up getting. I thought it might straighten up and get things back together with the 12z but no such luck. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

At this time I will move my vortmax related target to the Sherman, TX area. I'm not excited about this (which is why I'm writing right now and not driving south). With LCL's as low as they are all over the target area, I wouldn't rule out a spinup but anything that can get going will be small and short-lived.

For anyone interested, I have been playing around with the Davies parameters again over the past few days and am liking a little area around Bartlesville, OK to Parsons, KS for today. These parameters have only finally come into agreement on the very latest RUC so I'm not throwing too much at it - yet... Running NAM values through at 36 hours came up with the same resulting target area sparking 11/27/05 talk amongst a few of us. I'm anxious to see the verification of SOMETHING today.