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Forecast for 1/28/06 part II

I have limited time to sit and write out a forecast so I will make this quite brief.
Shane Adams will be very happy with my initiation target for tomorrow as it is, at this time, right over his head in Norman, OK.
Moisture ruturn looks promising for tomorrow although not as deep further north as is indicated by the current SPC DAY 2 outlook. Focus should shift south to a Dallas to Norman area.
20z-21z looks like trigger time which gives at least a little daylight for those who are chasing.

Looking at a couple tornado parameters turned me on to the extreme outside possibility of a January tornado here in OK. I have never witnessed a tornado in the month of January and wouldn't mind it a bit! I reiterate that this is an extreme outside possibility.

I will make adjustments to my target (if needed) after I wake up tomorrow morning and view surface obs. Right now I am quite encouraged because thirty-minutes ago Tulsa hit its high for the day! That was at 10:45PM in January at 57 degrees folks. Unusual.
There is a breezy south wind at this time and dew points are in the upper 40's and lower 50's in the OKC area and points south and west.

More later...

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