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Enough Already

Okay, I have to draw the line somewhere. I have written two entries prior to this one - both were unpublishable. I hope by the time I am finished writing, the result will be something I can actually publish - unlike my previous "drafts". Yes, I realize unpublishable is probably not a word... Wanna play scrabble with me?

Here's the deal - why are chasers asking for help from other chasers about their car?
Buying a car, replacing the engine in a car, painting a car, which car should they buy next, "hey, look at the car I bought" and my favorite to date: "what should I name my car"...

Cameras, ham radios, weather related software and websites are interesting to me. Hell, even people who are building chase vehicles are interesting. I like ideas and I like people who share their ideas.

I could give a rat’s ass about the process of one choosing one's car. This is a personal decision and should be kept that way. A chase vehicle is an extension of one's self. Why bring the chase community in to it? Insecurity? Stupidity to the point that decisions can't be made by themselves?
Everyone knows I like to chase in Jeep Cherokees. Dave Crowley has used a Tahoe for years, Dave Drummond likes mini vans, Don Fugate has a bad-ass Excursion and the new kids on the block like anything that is fast and mommy and daddy (wherever he is) can afford.

My tip to all of you who need the acceptance of the chase community as a whole regarding every purchase over $200 that you make is: Change your ways! -Go out and buy a vehicle you like and will work the best for you, your budget, the weather where you live, and for chasing - if you are actually a chaser...

Once you buy your car, please don't ask what you should name your car. First off, this is gay. Second; a car will normally earn its name over time. A name can't just be issued or voted on in a forum. Just give it time; a name will eventually fit.
I am a firm believer that a car should have a name. If I am making the payments on it though, there ain't a chance in hell I'm letting anyone else name it!

No gay storm chasers were harmed in the creation of this entry.

As Promised...