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Chaos Amplified


Photo by Roger Hill

Yesterday was an amazing severe weather day from several standpoints. Dual tornadoes just a few hundred yards apart, very little impact to populated areas (although the people of Pilger, NE would strongly disagree), some great scientific data was collected, and beautiful photos and video were captured from chasers without incident. Kudos!


There was disappointment too. A few chasers/first responders went all drama on us and made statements like “mass fatality” and “death everywhere” regarding impact to the town of Pilger. These, of course, spread like wildfire and perpetuated through various forms of social media. This, combined with a lack of quality radio traffic sources from the impacted area and authorities appropriately blocking unauthorized outside traffic, allowed for rumors to swarm for hours. Media was picking up on this “news”.

I’ve said this time and again: Chasers are first responders.

  • If you’re a weather weenie with a fragile mental state, chances are you don’t need to chase because you’re gonna see some gnarly shit eventually.

  • If you’re a chaser who is not willing to stop and help immediately upon realizing that help is needed, you should probably stay home.

  • If you’re someone who cannot properly assess a situation and deliver an appropriate description of an event to the masses via social media or otherwise, please don’t post about it.

If the latter portion of this blog upsets you, you might be part of the problem. 

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