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Broken-Ass Mountain

Okay, I reached my Brokeback breaking point this morning when I opened my web browser and MSNBC's top website story was the 8 nominations Brokeback Mountain got for the Academy Awards.

For those who don't know, this movie is about two flaming cowboys. They're not flaming in the sense that they are on fire. They are flaming in the sense that they like to put their wanks in the poophole.

Does it strike anybody else as being odd that Hollyweird glorifies and honors movies about infidelity? I mean, I'm not shocked, but I still think it's lame. I expect them to make a stink about a movie that features gay love scenes. They want to do everything they can to try and make this lifestyle "mainstream".

What I don't like is the fact that they're giving this movie all kinds of critical acclaim for it's content. It's about two men cheating on their wives. What's good about that?? Who they're cheating with is unimportant.
If this were a story about two men cheating on their wives with two other women, do you think it would be getting all of these accolades? I would say probably not.

I'm not here trying to gay bash either. The problem is that the gay lobby tends not to keep it in the bedroom. They try to convince the public that this lifestyle is normal and saturate the media with it; maybe in hopes that people will be desensitized by the constant exposure. They draw people's attention to it, and then gripe when people treat them differently because of it.

As a society, we should be embracing the ideals of the family unit - not infidelity and sexual deviance. We should not be glorifying the betrayal of your wife so that you can go butt ram your cowboy buddy when she's not looking.

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