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As Promised...

As promised, here is some additional information about the Toshiba Satellite P35-S6053 I am now using for mobile video editing:
I have been using this machine now for about a month and have been thrilled with the performance. Sony Vegas 6 as well as Pinnacle Studio 10 are both loaded and have done a great job with background rendering. At 3.46GHz, this machine rocks at multiple tasks. Anyone who renders video using Vegas knows it can bring a processor to its knees. This silly laptop loads several Firefox browsers and a word document with no load lag at all – while rendering Vegas video! Very impressive.
Comparing render times with my home video editing machine is not too fair as that machine is configured for editing and rendering but this laptop holds its own.
I will need to hook Bob's camera up to this machine sometime and have it render some HD. If that doesn’t choke this laptop, nothing will!

So, pros start with speed. Other pros include:
Vivid wide-screen - very bright
Great sounding internal speakers - harman/kardon
Processor speed is insane (have I mentioned that already?)
Hard drive is more than enough for applications and moving around video before sending it to mass storage.
Have not found anything that won't run perfectly

Size of screen and power gives a whopping 35 minute battery life. Of course that is running at full screen brightness, full-on hard drive and full power, processor-wise.
The keyboard is a little weird. I am currently looking for keyboard firmware updates. The keys don't always press correctly when a combo is needed. Example, Shift+j=J. Most of the time, when typing quickly, the caps J i wanted will be a lower-case j.
I can tell heat will be an issue under load in the field. In my climate-controlled office there are no problems keeping it cool. Sitting it on my lap though cuts off a fan or two and the laptop heats up very quickly. I will need a lap desk for use this spring while chasing in order to keep it cool.

I will consider this machine or one like it when my home computer finally craps out. If you are considering one of these laptops, go for it. I think you will like it.

Enough Already