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Another Reason Unions Suck

Here is just one good reason why unions suck and YOU and I have to pay outrageous prices for new vehicles:

Oklahoma City (AP) - Union workers at the Oklahoma City General Motors assembly plant will receive full pay and benefits when the factory idles later this month.

The United Auto Workers union and G-M have been negotiating employee compensation since the automaker announced in November it would close 12 facilities and cut 30-thousand jobs by 2008.

About 22-hundred members of U-A-W Local 1999 will now be placed in G-M's Jobs Bank, which offers them the chance to either volunteer at community agencies, attend classes or sit at the plant for eight hours a day while getting paid.

The last day of production in Oklahoma City is scheduled for February 21st. The workers are protected under the Jobs Bank until the contract expires in September 2007.

Contracts for U-A-W workers at non-union suppliers like Johnson Controls, Collins and Aikman and several other suppliers have less generous contracts than G-M workers.

The uncertainty about he status of G-M's idled union workers spurred rumors and unrest at the plant. A shop chairman wrote a lettr to officials in Detroit seeking information about their decision.

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