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Another Mark Farnik Opinion - And Some Facts Too


So there’s a storm chaser who took a picture of an injured female child following a tornado in Nebraska on Monday. This chaser did what chasers do and sold his image to the highest bidder. The child later passed away.

Over the years I’ve watched chasers tear down their peers; in one case driving an individual to suicide. Rest assured, attack is well underway in this situation.
Like Mr. Farnik or not, it’s no secret that he is a striving photojournalist and, in my opinion (you had to know this part was coming otherwise you wouldn’t be here), I believe he felt he was performing his perceived duties of the job.

Farnik failed himself and this ‘community’ when he posted a jackwagon comment about financial gain in an off-the-cuff Facebook comment - and for that he will endure a shitstorm of epic proportions.
In addition, having capitalized on an image of a minor without a signed release, regardless of the situation, lawsuits naming pretty much any purveyor of the image, as well as Farnik himself, will be filed in due time.

Many will learn from his mistake.

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