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An Amazon Irritation

This guy knows he is an awful Amazon third-party seller and he’s addressing it head-on. I received the email above this morning after ordering Allegra via Amazon to combat the awfulness that comes with having allergies in Oklahoma. Third-party sellers have always been hit and miss but it seems lately Amazon is becoming a lot more lax about their performance.

At the time of the order, the seller had decent reviews. Two weeks later I received my order and now I see very poor reviews. Likely this guy’s supply chain was disrupted or maybe he had a huge influx of orders he couldn’t process in a timely manner.¬†From a marketing standpoint, this guy just committed business suicide with the unfriendly letter he has sent to everyone who bought from him. Why not just state exactly what happened and apologize? This pile of babble makes me want to go right now and leave him a bad review.¬†

I hope Amazon does a better job in the future with vetting its third-party sellers. We do not need another Ebay level online store…

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