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Turner Falls - A Treasure or Embarrassment?

Turner Falls, at 77 feet, is locally considered Oklahoma’s tallest waterfall, although its height matches one in Natural Falls State Park. The falls are located on Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains in south central Oklahoma, near the city of Davis.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when I went and photographed Turner Falls that I realized what an exploited mess it truly is. Give it a try and you too will find it impossible to not get a man-made feature, trash, graffiti, etc in your shots. And this was during the off season when people aren’t around to clutter up an image.

An individual I follow on Facebook posted this very recent shot:


He noted:

Last weekend I went down to Dallas. We stopped along the way to the turner falls at least I think it is turner falls down by Davis. Took this picture of the falls it is a very nice area.

To me this is sad. This guy is atop a scenic lookout and he sees beauty. I see all the things I saw years ago when I first visited the falls. 

Why must Oklahoma exploit it’s natural beauty? Why is every opportunity to profit seized? It would be refreshing if we were a little more like Arkansas or Colorado or, well, any other state that allows nature to be nature without turning it into a spectacle or, in this case, a wannabe water park.

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