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The Waves That Keep On Giving

Again, I write about the potential for a little snow as this system finally exits the area and temps approach the 60 degree mark for Christmas.

As I type, snow is falling south of I-40 near OKC and with more available moisture to the East of that area, there should be some decent accumulation (for Oklahoma, decent = 2"...). I would say McAlester and points south to Hugo and East to Ft. Smith have the most potential.
Tulsa is currently seeing snow on radar but dry air at, and just above the surface, is evaporating the precip prior to flakes making it to the ground.

The jet stream that has parked itself over OK for the past day and will be around until Tuesday night will finally shift east and take moisture with it which will clear out this dreary weather. We have not seen the sun around here since last Friday!
This will make way for some temperatures that will be above normal for this time of year and should top out between 59 and 61 for a high on Christmas. Arrival of a slight cold front mid day on Christmas might make things a little more seasonal but I'll believe it when I see it.


Botched snowcast...