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Short Term Rain Forecast = Bust

TV mets, amateur forecasters and even some NWS mets have a model woody right now over some potential precip overnight Monday for my area (Tulsa). I will side with Chuck Allison in his post and say that yes, there is a slight chance but dry air will be a hindrance.

Further south, better moisture will be in place so I wouldn't be surprised to see a little precip along and south of the Red River in the ARK/LA/TEX region. Of anywhere in the U.S., this area needs precip most. Let's hope it verifies.

As for the Tulsa area seeing rain, I am sticking with the original forecast I made Friday morning and going with the Day 10 period being wet. Actually I am looking at Sat night now so at the time of my forecast I missed it by a day based on the Europeans. Now the period of interest is Day 7 and the GFS and European agree on the chances.

I'm anxious to see this verify just so I can get the Grand Canyon-size cracks in the ground around the footing of my house to close! Watering my house kinda looks funny in the middle winter to passers-by but that's what it takes in these types of conditions to keep bad things from happening. I don't want to have to buy piers for this place in a couple of years when I sell it!

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