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Lock, Stock & Barrel

There are many items I will never leave behind when packing to go on a chase. Be it a week-long excursion or a 50 mile “gentleman’s chase”, I won’t leave home without my cameras, laptop, cell phone, amateur radio and gun.
- - - Yes, I said GUN.

Those of you who know me know I chase with a Glock 27 .40 caliber pistol packed in the vehicle somewhere – usually easily accessible I assure you.
Am I paranoid? No. Am I a gun nut? Not really. Am I a flaming Republican card carrying member of the NRA? Of Course!

Background: While chasing in the past, I have run in to several situations when knowing I had a gun nearby was a very reassuring thing.
There are laws of course, and while I have jumped through the hoops to carry a concealed weapon in Oklahoma, different states have different laws by which you must abide. Make sure you are very familiar with state laws before carrying on a chase and across state lines.

Reasoning: When chasing, like you, Bob and I travel hundreds of miles in a day. By quick calculation, we chase with over $15K worth of equipment between us (a lot of that has to do with Bob’s friggin camera and my laptop fetish). Anyway…We traverse back roads and enter into areas that are simply unsafe feeling (Pine Bluff, Ark to name one from last year (4/29)). We have breakdowns on roads without names and are very vulnerable. We stay at what I consider seedy motels on occasion because that is the only option for many miles after a long chase or everything else is booked.

There are numerous other situations while chasing when carrying a gun is a good idea, at least in my opinion. Protection of life and property via owning and carrying a gun is practiced at home and in my vehicle. I have one in my Truck at all times. I have one in my nightstand at all times. Why not have one while chasing?

What is your opinion?