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Sorry for the cheesy graphic folks. I usually write a post then choose the graphic based on the content but today I just didn't have time. Here's the post though:

Everyone is probably tired of reading about fire weather here on the HamWx blog... I assure you, I am much more tired of writing about it than you are of reading it. I want to write about the next snowstorm or even severe weather!
Fire weather is again on tap for Saturday with a Red Flag Fire Warning from 11am until 8pm tomorrow. This time the NWS has defined campfires and backyard grillos as types of fires that are now illegal. I would have thought campfires would be one of the first things banned... oh well.
There is some relief in sight though if you follow some of the products European models are spitting out. This time of year I generally do not look at Europeans but Cosgrove's newsletter today made mention to possible drought relief and said the Europeans were the indicator and off I went. Indeed, about 10 days out looks to be a possible wet one for KS and OK. I'll keep an eye on it and update here.

On a different note:
I have added a few names to the blog links over the past few weeks. I'm excited to see so many chasers jumping on the blog-wagon. Additions today include Amos Maglicannotspellhislastnamewithoutlooking and Nick Grillo.
Due to one of my New Years resolutions, I have added Amos back to my links and Nick has been added because, even though I have given him a hard time in some of my past comments, the little guy is starting to grow on me.

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