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I'm cracking up about the poll in the ST forums about changing the Stormtrack name from Stormtrack X2 to just Stormtrack like it was before the "new look". I say: who cares? Was the name taking up too much space in users' “favorites” list or something? Geez.

Oh well, something good did come from it... discussion about the Stormtrack Magazine making a comeback. This was such a fun, informative read back in the days before the internet, before bulletin boards, before color printing was affordable for the whole rag...
While I would love to see it make a comeback and would most certainly subscribe, I think bringing it back would only frustrate the people who publish it.
Yes, potential contributing authors are greater in number these days and means by which one can transmit their material to the editors/publishers is effortless. Printing is also easily done now and even delivery would be trouble-free.

So, you wonder why I would say the publishers would be frustrated...
Well, naturally anyone who puts time and effort into a project like this would want to make a little profit. They would be lucky to break-even given the # of chasers who say they have no extra money, no job, or are still 14-years old and have no money to begin with.
In addition, content would most likely be redundant and pics familiar.
At best, an online e-zine would be the way to go.