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Fun With Chase Video, Part I - 8/17/05

Mike Gauldin posted in a forum and reminded me about some funny video I took back in August in South Central KS. Thanks man:

8/17/05 was a very fun chase day. You can read about it here that way I won't have to go in to great detail to set-up the shot you are about to view.
Summary: Well in to our chase we found ourselves in the most lightning laden storm I have been in since 6/12/04 - Mulvane. Some of the lightning was dangerously close. Below is a clip from one of the many close strikes that day. This particular strike hit about 20' away from the vehicle (near my window). At the beginning of the clip you can still hear the remnants of the crash of thunder.

Video (3.7mb WMA)

Justin Teague to Joseph T:
Did you shoot that dude?
Joseph: No
Justin: Steve?
Joseph: Oh my god...
Justin: Steve? Were you filming?
Steve: Sh... ahhhh...
Justin: Are you hyperventilating?
Steve (laughing): I think I broke my own neck...
short pause.............
Justin: Hey, dude, dude... Did you have the camera on though?
Steve: I think so...

Justin, I didn't get the shot man.

That day resulted in many great/funny clips. Browse the 8/17/05 page for more clips. Warning: clips might only be funny to those who were there!

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