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Every three months or so I go on a "ride-along" with my friend who is a Tulsa Police Officer. A good time is always had and riding helps me realize just how screwed up to world is in some cases and just how lucky I am in my little world.

We were called to block an off ramp onto a highway that was being closed due to fire possibly crossing it. This fire was located near 116th South on HWY 75 for those of you around Tulsa. For th0se of you not, it was west of Jenks, OK which is south of Tulsa.

I have witnessed grass fires probably a hundred times but never in the kind of windy, dry conditions like we had yesterday. I was surprised and intrigued by the ability of the fire to increase intensity within just 10 seconds or so. I was equally impressed with how well the fire departments controlled the blaze, eventually extinguishing it completely.
Every time I looked at it the fire had taken on a new look. Bigger, smaller, smokey, not smokey. Also, the wind was completely different near the fire. This was not a huge fire acreage-wise, yet it created its own weather. I can’t imagine what it would be like to fight one of these fires - most over the past few weeks have been much larger in coverage too. Simply amazing, fire. Nothing to mess with, that's for sure.