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Drought & Fireworks

Tuesday marked yet another round of firey weather in TX and OK. Everyone has heard about this so there is no need for me to go in to details here except to say that as of yesterday afternoon, 4 lives and 50 homes have been lost in Oklahoma alone due to these wildfires.

The entire state of Oklahoma is under a Red Flag burn ban. This means NO open fires.
Wind is expected to gradually increase over the coming days and be somewhat persistent both Saturday and Sunday with Saturday night looking to remain breezy all night and Sunday bringing 30MPH gusts. Why does this matter? Saturday is New Years Eve. Saturday night, fireworks will go off at midnight all around the state (and country for that matter).
Fireworks, drought conditions, and a breezy period make for bad chemistry.

So is the state protecting itself by cutting off the sale of new years fireworks this year? Hell no.
I read an article stating it is not legal for the state to force closure on a seasonal business such as live christmas tree sales lots, pumpkin patches and, of course, fireworks.

The way I see it, anyone shooting fireworks at midnight on New Years is basically risking the lives of others. Fireworks are not legal in the city limits of most towns and metros in Oklahoma but it's not the city areas that are affected by wildfires. Where fireworks are perfectly legal is the most dangerous place to set off these weapons of mass destruction therefore, fireworks stands and outlets should not be allowed to operate in a red flag fire ban.

As for me, I will stay home on New Years as usual this year. It is a meaningless holiday for which I enjoy a few days off... that's about the extent of it.
I will not be shooting fireworks this year obviously, but I will fire off a few rounds from my .357 Magnum at midnight while drinking mass quantities of Colorado micro-brew. Should be a hoot. Watch for large chunks of lead dropping out of the sky in Tulsa at around 12:01am on Sunday...

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