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1/2/06 SPC Reports / Competition?

As I write, on this third day of the new year, there have been 88 Mesoscale Discussions and 12 Tornado Watches issued by the SPC.
I would guess with the reset of the Tornado Watche #'s comes added pressure to forecast and issue well. I don't know this to be a fact of course, but I would think it would really stand out if a forecaster issued a watch and his or hers was the first of the year to not verify...
That is the manager in me coming out I suppose; everything has a benchmark. I would be interested to know if there is a little interoffice competition at the SPC or not.

As for yesterday, while there was not any one prominent tornado, there were plenty of touchdowns covering a fairly large area. SPC lists 3 injuries in their reports and local media concurs.
It always seems like there is an oddball outbreak of severe weather around the New Years timeframe. Never would I guess this year's event would extend as far north as it did.