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Report for 11/27/05 part II

Well, I will start this summary again today now that I have come to grips with the fact that yesterday was simply / apparently not supposed to work out. Above is a graphical look at storm reports. I am happy to say my forecast was right on - just unhappy I was not there for it.

This is the cell Justin, JT & Mike were under when they caught their red-dirt tornado. Why was I not with them? Well, for the first time ever while chasing, I got pulled over. The officer was very nice but held me up for about 10 minutes. 10 minutes is a long time when you are trying to chase storms moving as fast as these were. Respect the speed limits in the city while chasing - especially if the city is Independence, KS! Thanks again to the officer who let me off - I have not had a ticket in 7 years - I'm pretty proud of that and want to keep it that way!

This is what the roads looked like north of Sedan. In a few places the road was completely covered. Looked like snow had fallen. We noted the hail cooled surface temps a lot.
We did not experience anything larger than pea-size - that was nice for a change.

Prior to the chase, this pic was taken of Matt Patterson(left) and I. I guess it is kinda funny to have a KTUL person and KJRH person on the same chase convoy.

A full-on chase summary is simply not necessary for 11/27. Bob and I basically met up with friends, set out on a chase, drove around in Kansas, got pulled over, lost our storm, drove home.
Usually I can say there was a bad or wrong decision made but the forecast was full-on and everything technology-wise that we usually use on a chase was in perfect working order.
I have said this after the past three chase summaries and I will say it again here... I am so freakin' happy 2005 is almost over. Really.

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Report for 11/27/05