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Pinnacle Studio Plus 10

I am posting this in the HamWx Chase Blog rather than Steve's Musings where I usually like to bitch about things. I figure my chaser friends might benefit from what I have to say regarding Pinnacle's latest offering.
I purchased Studio Plus 10 on November 13th from Pinnacle direct. I received my copy yesterday, more than two weeks after ordering it. This was my first frustration.
Frustration #2 is my current gripe and that is the errors I got during install.
Yes, that's right, I have yet to get the program installed! I get three errors when I'm running set-up and am on the third disk and about an hour into the install. First off, no program should take more than an hour to install - period. Second, if you are a software company why put out a product that has so many issues - are Christmas (Yes, Justin, I said Christmas) sales that good for a video editing program?

My first action was to go out on some internet forums this morning and try to find complaints and hope my problem would be covered and solved. All I found were a lot of complaints. They start with install issues (even on clean machines) and go all the way to simple rendering activities. Pinnacle is selling a faulty product. Seems that when I made the decision to buy, Pinnacle was not shipping the software yet... there were not any bad reviews.

I guess I can be happy that the only thing I use Pinnacle Studio for is knocking DV video down to a decent size while chasing for uploading to a buyer.
***Sony Vegas is the way to go for full length editing***

I will update here if I get the program running...

Another cold front moving through