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New Mobile Video Editing Tool...

Sometimes strokes of luck work out in the form of new chase equipment. This particular bit of luck comes in the form of a new badass laptop for video editing while away from my usual video editing machine.
My wife gets a yearly allocation of $ from her employer to buy things like books, learning aids, etc. and this year she found out she had a lot more left in her account for these purposes. She had to spend this money by the end of the year or lose it... So, here I am typing on our new Toshiba Satellite P35-S6053. Here's a few stats:
3.46GHz Pentium 4
1 gig RAM
80 gb hd
10-way SuperMulti DVD
17" widescreen
This thing is nice! And totally free! Well, not totally, I guess if you take in to account that she works 13 hours a day, has to deal with some of the most messed up patients known to man and pays more for medical insurance than any other doctor field... It is not that free after all.
I digress...
I read in Amos' blog that Toshiba is having a problem with heat from their laptops with the Pentium 4 processor. I'm anxious to see how this one does. I found like comments in other online reviews but none on the "Satellite" line.
I will install Sony Vegas 6.0 on it in a little while and see how that 3.4GHz processor does with a little render job or two. Also, Pinnacle Studio 8 will land on the hard drive for a quick editor for those 15 second clips I normally have to upload to whoever wants to use it...
I purchased Pinnacle 10 but after spending the time I have on it and getting crappy results, I think Studio 8 will be fine.

I'll update here at some point with how the computer performs. Hopefully it will be good news!

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