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GRLevel-whatever - a stormtrack post continued...

It seems like there are a lot of products (both software, hardware or service) geared toward storm chasers that cycle through then fall off the map. I find that interesting.
I have to wonder if it is a lack of demand for a product/service aimed at such a narrow market or if the people behind the software simply become uninterested in chasing or dealing with chasers...

Well, anyway, right now everyone has a stiffy over GRLevel-whatever. I have downloaded it and really like the interface and smoothing as well as some of the mapping options. Can I do more with it than WeatherTap? Maybe, maybe not. I am used to WeatherTap though so I will remain a customer. WeatherTap ain't going away either. GRLevel-whatever is $80 a copy for an application that pulls free data from the internet. Ummm - I don't know about you but I see a cash cow here folks. Between internet addy's changing regularly and program updates, most likely yearly, requiring a re-up of some $$, I'll stick with my WeatherTap account. I have a feeling that once everyone's 30-day trial runs out, GRLevel-whatever will not get the publicity it is getting now anyway.

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