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Forecast for 12/13/05 Rain/Snow

I have been trying to learn more about snow/ice prediction so I included the word snow in the title of this entry. Don't get excited though, the snow portion of this forecast is for Western Neb and most of Iowa.

Looks like our rain in Eastern OK will begin around 6:00pm and clear the area no later than midnight. If just a little deeper moisture could manage to make it further north, we could squeeze more precip out of this. My expectations are low.
It appears the area just north of the OK/KS border from Wichititty to the KS/MO line should see soaking precip of around .5" and also an area well south of Tulsa from Durant, OK to Hugo, OK should see decent rain. I did not see this potential when I wrote the forecast yesterday. What a difference a day makes.
I still suspect Tulsa will get around .3". Any rain at all is welcome as I have $100 in grass seed down on my front yard that needs some water. Seed in the fall folks - it just grows better come spring...

I am interested to see what the 18z does to 850 temps up along the Missouri/Iowa line. Right now the NAM 12z is showing frozen precip cutting off almost exactly along the border there. I would think, based on 12z (multiple maps) that a little ice situation could be the mode from Beatrice, NEB to N. Central MO. Western NEB and Iowa no doubt will have heavy snow this evening with decent accumulation. It's that fringe area I'm trying to learn to forecast.

I'll try to post more after 18z comes out and see how it compares. Right now I need to stop typing, get out of my office and go sell something... Turns out medical equipment does not sell itself!

Forecast for 12/13/05 - RAIN!